dimension wholesale lumber alabama
Dimension Lumber

We buy and sell full length material at competitive prices. Anyone in our office would be happy to quote anything you may need. 

alabama remanufacturing lumber and pallet material

This is the largest part of our business. We take pride in the product we put out and guarantee it will meet your standards.

quality wood pallets

We also have an in-house pallet shop with the capabilty to build and ship standard or custom size crates and pallets. 



Over the last 20+ years, we have grown from a single chop saw to an operation large enough to meet all of your SYP needs, and do so in a friendly and professional manner with a quality product that meets or exceeds your requirements. We work together as a team to try and provide the best overall service for our customers. 



Millport Lumber, Alabama

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Millport, AL 35576


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